Whats New?

Our client Agatha Celleri debuts in “Hustlers” starring Jennifer Lopez!

Whats New?

Client Sophia Rodriguez debut in the Broadway show “Waitress”

Whats New?

Un Nuevo Dîa – Un niño Dominicano es parte de la obra Lion King en “Un Nuevo Dia” Telemundo 47 con Susan Rybin y Jesus Del Orden

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Un Nuevo Dia – Telemundo 47 | Que hace falta para que tu hijo llegue a broadway con Susan Rybin y su cliente Angel Romero!

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Rybin Talent Management offers talented actors the opportunity to work in T.V. commercials, voice-overs, film, television, print ads and theater while specializing in latino representation. It strives to make “stars” , develop an awareness about the abundance of talent that exists among latino actors, and further create opportunities for latinos in the dramatic arts.