Rybin Talent Management offers talented actors the opportunity to work in TV Commercials, Voice-Overs, Film, Television Series, Print Ads & Theatre while specializing in Latino representation. It strives to make “stars” develop awareness about the abundance of talent that exists among Latino actors, and further create opportunities for Latinos in the dramatic arts. Rybin Talent represents Latino kids and teens.

Susan Rybin, recognized actress and talent manager continues in Manhattan with her talent management. Rybin Talent Management LLC for over thirty years in New York City is now discovering new upcoming talent for possible representation. There was a “reunion” of former and present clients of Rybin Talent Management on June 25th 2011! Susan Rybin, founder of Rybin Talent Mgmt., and Rybin Studio of Drama in 1982, began at the age of six in acting classes at Miriam Colon’s Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre in New York. Concurrently, she initiated her professional career as an actress in such plays as: “Flag Inside”, “The Little Prince,” “This Property is Condemned” (H.O.L.A. Best Actress Award), “Latinos”,“I Ought to be in Pictures”, and “Maribel y la Extrana Familia”. In addition, as a minor, she is the only artist to have won the Honor Medal of the Academic Society “Arts-Sciences-Lettres” of France for her portrayal of Anne Frank in “The Diary of Anne Frank” which she also received a Best Actress Nomination for from A.C.E. Ms. Rybin was also the Crew Girl for all the McDonalds commercials and a cast member of the popular show “Infinity Factory” on PBS. Film and television credits include “As the World Turns” and the movie “Police Brass” with Carol O’Conner. Commercial credits include N.Y. Lotto, Allegra, Tums, Sears, Kaiser and Industrials for Ortho-McNeil & General Motors. She has performed in “Labors of Love” at the Lambs Theatre & in “Fireflies” at Thalia Spanish Theater, which she received the H.O.L.A Outstanding Achievement Award 2004. She has appeared on such shows as “Good Day New York”, “Sabado Gigante”, “Cristina”, and Gems Television honoring 100 Hispanic Women. She was also honored by “El Diario la Prensa” for one of the most Distinguished Women of the Year 2000 and as well by “La Tribuna Newspaper” in the year 2005. You can also catch Ms. Rybin in action on the internet as chef and spokesperson in la “Cocina Goya” on two video recipes, log onto www.goya.com. Ms. Rybin’s studies include: P.R.T.T.(Acting & Spanish Diction), H.B. Studio (Improvisation and Directing) , Poli Rogers (Dance), Hal Schaefer (Voice) The New School for Social Research earning Certificates in Human Relations, Nutrition, and working with children.